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Alsalamu Alikum,

I greet you with the greeting of Islam, May PeaceĀ beĀ upon You.

Welcome to the Montclair State University's Muslim Student Association (MSA). Just like our campus, the MSA is unique and ever growing. Please take a look at our upcoming events and we'd love to have you in our organization so please press the "Join" button. See you all soon in-sha'-Allah!

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Montclair MSA is a Class II student organization which caters to the needs of Muslims and non-Muslims on Montclair State University's campus.
The fundamental purpose of the Muslim Students Association, is to encourage and enable its members to contribute individually and collectively towards meeting human needs and also act as a bridge between the community at Montclair State University and the Islamic Community.


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Class II

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SC 124B

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  • Wednesday
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3:00 PM

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University Hall 3010

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