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You will always hear that LASO is a family - a home away from home. We treat every member with respect and love. Whenever you need a break or someone to talk to, come to our office!! You will either find Darllene playing her bachata or Edwin sleeping on the couch before her class. You can play some guitar, eat your lunch or engage in intellectual conversations. 

If you want to become more involved, join any of our three committees: Publicity, Membership, and Events. *Remember, we are here to SERVE YOU and it is our pleasure to do so. 

Events Committee

We want LASO events to be CAPTIVATING. LASO promotes social, educational, cultural and traditional events throughout the year. In this committee, you will be able to express your creativity and learn the process of executing an event! 

Skills: Community Building, Events Coordinating, Public Speaking, Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking, Time Management, Budgeting & Creative Planning

*Contact: Gabriela Lopez, Latin Culture Chair 
                 Alfredo Arias, Latin Education Chair 

Publicity Committee

We want LASO to be an amazing experience! This committee designs all LASO events promotes them on social media along with current events and thinks of new ways to promote LASO through apparel such as shirts and hats. Be the voice of LASO!

Skills: Interpersonal Communication, Graphic Design, Leadership, Time Management, Analytical, Detail-Oriented & Recruitment  

*Contact: Anthony Vergara, Publicity 

Membership Committee

Our members are the HEART of LASO, without them, we are nothing! This committee focuses on bridging together eboard and members, coming up with new ideas for our General Membership Meetings (GMMs), and sharing educational resources to our members.  

Skills: Active Listening, Recruitment, Negotiation, Interpersonal Communication, Leadership, Problem-Solving, Motivational, & Creativity

Contact: Darllene Severino, Vice President 

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As Latinos, we have flavor--we have that extra movement within our hips that can move people. LASO aims to add that extra hip movement at MSU by sharing our music, food, dance, stories, and intellect with people on campus who might not know about our culture; we also aim to ignite that flavor among Latinos students who are looking for a home. We are a FAMILY! Come out to our events, hang out at out LASO Office, or attend our General Membership Meetings which are on Tuesdays from 3:30 to 5:00 at the RATH. Follow us @Laso1970 (Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat)


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