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Welcome to the Biology Club!

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Want to be more involved on campus?  Join us and become more than just a student! The Montclair State Biology Club helps any student who wants more information about careers, pre-med, dental and nursing school, and other scholarly opportunities. We also do many holiday and special-event activities throughout the semester.  With the Biology Club it's easy to become more involved in the campus community.  We are open to accepting all majors and as an organization we want to make sure everyone feels included and respected.  We also encourage members to step up to leadership positions when ever possible. So, come to a meeting, get to know the e-board and do not hesitate to join this fantastic club!

Feel free to shoot us an email (listed below) with any questions and/or concerns. 




 President: Valentina M. 

Vice-President: Lyabah H. 

Treasurer: Gabriela D. 

Public Relations/EventChairs: Maria C. 

Secretary: Andres C. 

Historian: Reem M. 


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Biology Club helps students become more active in the science community at Montclair State. The skills gained in the club will create volunteer opportunities and teach lessons to students in a way that the classroom may not. Additionally, more information about science oriented careers will be available to students who want it. There will be many different activities throughout the semester. Everyone is welcome! Please bring your questions! We are willing to answer any questions you may have.


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University Hall 3004

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