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SalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullah!

Thank you for visiting our homepage, and welcome to the Muslim Student Association at Auraria Campus! During the Spring 2015 semester, MSA will be meeting weekly, insha'Allah. The day and time are TBD, depending upon our members. We will be sure to update you, soon.

We welcome everyone of all backgrounds race, nationality, creed, gender in hope we can all come together to bring understanding of another.   It is a social group for the students on campus; consisting of people of different origins, nationalities, and culture; serving the needs of students by the virtues of brotherhood and sisterhood; a means by which Muslim students maintain and increase their faith in a college environment as well as an expression of their creativity and ideas; a tool by which non-Muslims on campus learn about Islam and its beauty; a voice for the Muslims on this campus and of all Muslims worldwide. Above all, MSA is the stepping stone by which students learn the techniques, develop the motivation, and acquire the passion to commit their lives for the sake of Allah. MSA is to enhance relations and understanding between Muslims and Non-Muslims students on Auraria Campus.  You can find us at MSA-Auraria via Facebook at 

We will also be welcoming the first MSA Chaplain to Auraria Campus, Sheikh Jilali Kacem from Masjid Ikhlas! Sheikh Jilali will be on campus once a week for two hours to hold group discussions and individual one-on-one meetings for all whom are interested, so please keep your eyes open for the discussion topics and days, insha'Allah! 


We hope to see you at our meetings and events!

With Salams & Prayers....JazakAllahu khair!

MSA Admin

Portal Information


Student organization composing of CCD, Metro, and UCD students with the goal of raising spiritual awareness of Islam by hosting events and bringing guest speakers.


Faith and Spiritual

Please discuss the general purpose of your organization:

The aims and purposes of the MSA are to serve the best interest of the Muslims of Auraria Campus. Towards the end, MSA shall:
1. Promote unity and joint action among the Muslims
2. Conduct social, cultural, religious and other awareness activities in the best traditions of Islam.
3. Promote friendly and unified relations between Muslims and Non-muslims

Annual Membership Dues (if any):

There are no membership dues.

Do you have a new member selection process (probation, interviews, pledgeship)?

If your organization has selective membership, please describe the intake process.

MSA does not have a selective membership. Students interested in becoming members will become members by providing their contact information and attending the weekly meetings.

Meeting Frequency:


Please attach a copy of your organization's constitution/by-laws:
President/Chair Name:

Nadeen Ibrahim

President/Chair Email:
Vice President/Vice Chair Name:

Abdullah Zullali

Vice President/Vice Chair Email:
Treasurer/Finance Chair Name:

Maryam Rawesh

Treasurer/Finance Chair Email:
Advisor Name:

Omar Montgomery