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2019 Newcomb HASTAC Scholar Application

Information and Application

Are you interested in the digital humanities or researching a gender and technology issue? Do you have an idea for a digital app or tech-related research project? Newcomb College Institute will sponsor the application of a HASTAC Scholar for the opportunity to work on research relating to a gender-related technology issue or to work on a student-designed technology project. 

For more information about the HASTAC, visit the About the HASTAC Scholars Program, (

Duration: Two Years

Eligibility: Sophomores and Juniors

Students should apply if there are interested in Digital Humanities, gender, and technology issues or have an idea for a digital app or technology-related research project that relates to women/gender and technology.


  • $300.00 grant to support your research. 
  • NCI's Manager of Technology Initiatives will sponsor your application for the program and mentor you during your two-year tenure. 
  • Opportunity to receive a letter of recommendation / professional reference from the Manager of Technology Initiatives.
  • Opportunities to digitally publish work on social media and non-peer reviewed journals.

What do HASTAC Scholars actually do?

  • Participate in the HASTAC annual University Worth Fighting For series—online or in person
  • Blog with HASTAC about your own work and research projects, questions, ideas
  • Report on activities at your local institution and department
  • Share insights from conferences and performances
  • Network both online and at local meet-ups or conferences

Newcomb College Institute’s Requirements:

  • Work on the project that you proposed throughout your tenure.
  • Share your HASTAC posts and projects with NCI to be shared on social media, the website, and the Technology and Gender Journal. 
  • Meet with your mentor no less than monthly.
  • Contribute two writing pieces, a poster with abstract and profile to be published in the Technology and Gender journal at the end of each year.
  • Participate in tabling at NCI technology events, if asked.

This form closed on May 15, 2019 1:00 AM CDT