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Welcome to the Asian Student Alliance at the University of Colorado Denver! ASA, where the impossible is nothing!

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We are a University of Colorado Denver-based student group that promotes diversity and unity through networking and service to our community. We believe that through education and interaction with our peers the impossible is nothing.


Cultural and Social

Please discuss the general purpose of your organization:

Asian Student Association of the University of Colorado Denver, strives to support, educate, strengthen, build, lead, advocate, and provide for the Asian American community. We celebrate all cultures surrounding and including Asian cultures, work to stay committed to serving our fellow Aurarian Campus student body and especially join hands with our fellow organizations across the state and nation. In doing so, we, Asian Student Association, strive to stay true to embracing all cultures no matter an individual's ethnicity or whatever walk in life they may come from and form relationships between the members and the Colorado community.

Meeting Frequency:


Please attach a copy of your organization's constitution/by-laws:
President/Chair Name:

Katherine Khuu

Vice President/Vice Chair Name:

Kenny Tran

Treasurer/Finance Chair Name:

Justin Cheung

Advisor Name:

Samuel Kim