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The International Business Student Network (IBSN) is a student organization that brings student interests in international business together with executives, government officials and organizations conducting high-levels of international business. Members include alumni, current graduate and undergraduate students from CU Denver and the CU system. IBSN events are open to all members and CU students. IBSN is always open to questions about international business. Membership consists of over 250 students. In addition to host monthly forums featuring international business executives, government officials, and alumni, IBSN links members to internship and job opportunities. The no cost membership includes monthly meetings, newsletters, mentorships, job and internship opportunities, and active Facebook page.

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IBSN is the International Business Student Network. We are a student organization focused on networking. We email newsletters to over 250 members detailing internship announcements, lecture series, job opportunities and anything else that may pertain to international business. Members include alumni and current graduate and undergraduate students from any major at CU Denver. The IBSN also hosts events open to members. We are always open to questions and willing to post them in the newsletter to find the answers you need from fellow members. Being open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as alumni, IBSN is an incredible established resource center.

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This organization is for students interested in international business. We will provide opportunities for students to network with other students as well as hear presentations and lectures from business professionals dealing with international business. We will also provide assistance and resources to help our members find internships and jobs with an international focus.

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Auburn Emery

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