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The Information Systems Association is University of Colorado Denver's club for students interested in information systems and technologies. The Association works closely with UCD's Information Systems faculty and strives to provide a variety of opportunities to enable its members to pursue both academic success and career opportunities within the Information systems field.


To provide the students and alumni of the University of Colorado Business School networking, career development, professional development opportunities. We as an organization also display leadership and stewardship toward the community. Through community service projects and peer relationship building such as tutoring.

Professional and Academic Affiliations:

Affiliated with the local chapter of the Rocky Mountain Information Management Association, the Center for Information Technology Innovation and is the founding student chapter at UCD for the Association for Information Systems; providing students with excellent access to industry leaders, technology and networking at both a local and national level.

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The Information Systems Student Association is UCD’s organization for students interested in information systems and technology. The Association works closely with UCD's Information Systems faculty, alumni, and local businesses to provide a variety of academic and career related opportunities enabling members to enrich their educational experience. If you are passionate about the Information Systems field this is the right student organization for you!!


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Please discuss the general purpose of your organization:

Fostering Information Systems education, research, outreach and industry collaborations

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Please attach a copy of your organization's constitution/by-laws:
President/Chair Name:

Nicholas Pauly

Vice President/Vice Chair Name:

Mark Davis

Treasurer/Finance Chair Name:

Ashley Einspahr

Advisor Name:

Jiban Khuntia