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Dani Sanchez
Jan 29, 2016

Be the next Mr. or Ms. USF!

Jan 29, 2016 by Dani Sanchez

Do YOU have what it takes to be the next
Mr. or Ms. University of South Florida? 

Applications to participate in the Mr. & Ms. University of South Florida Scholarship Pageant are now available here (or by visiting the Files tab on the Student Government BullSync page)! 

Here are some FAQs about Mr. & Ms. USF answered:

When is the Mr. & Ms. USF Scholarship Pageant?

The Mr. & Ms. USF Scholarship Pageant will be held on April 4, directly following USF Week Kickoff! 

What is the Mr. & Ms. USF Scholarship Pageant?

The Mr. & Ms. USF Scholarship Pageant is an annual pageant event hosted by Student Government to determine who the next outstanding student representatives of the university (Mr. & Ms. USF) will be! Interested students participate in the Mr. & Ms. USF Scholarship Pageant. The winners of the scholarship pageant will be crowned Mr. & Ms. USF! 

Are there changes coming to the pageant this year? 

Yes! The following are some new, exciting changes coming to the Mr. & Ms. USF program this year: 

  • Participants this year will be judged entirely on character and involvement. 
  • Candidates must be endorsed by an on-campus USF organization, club, or department. 
  • Candidates must have a philanthropic platform and will be required to come up with a plan for how they will pursue this should they be crowned Mr. or Ms. USF. 

What does it mean to be Mr./Ms. USF? 

The role of Mr. & Ms. USF is much more than just holding a title. Those who become Mr. & Ms. USF will be expected to follow through with their philanthropic platform, event appearances, and position as a role model. Mr. & Ms. USF are the ideal USF students, and are a representation of and an inspiration to the university. Past Mr. & Ms. USFs have gone on to do great things to represent and give back to the university.

What's the next step if I'm interested in participating in the Mr. & Ms. USF Scholarship Pageant?

Apply! Applications and signed participant contracts will be due by February 12, 2016 at 5 pm, and may be submitted at the front desk of the Student Government suite (MSC 4300) or via email to

For further questions, consult the participant packet. If you have questions after reading the packet, feel free to contact our Director of Programming, Danielle Fox at