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Centre Gallery Artist Proposals Summer/Fall 2017

Centre Gallery will be accepting proposals for the Summer/Fall 2017 Seasons. Students, alumni, faculty, staff and non-affiliated artists may submit proposals.  We encourage each artist to explore the practice of exhibiting, utilizing the space in a way that bears his or her signature. Students interested in group collaborative projects or faculty members with special class projects are encouraged to submit proposals. Gallery exhibitions are two weeks in duration, but we can sometimes accommodate proposals of different lengths (for performance art, film, etc.).

The process for acceptance of an exhibition begins with the submission of a proposal, reviewing of the submission by a committee of students associated with the gallery and Center for Student Involvement, after the decisions will be announced via email or a phone call for accepted, alternate, and declined exhibitions, and, finally, a meeting will be set up for contract signing and final discussion about the exhibition.

Centre Gallery, established in 1984, is the only fully student run, non-profit, exhibition space in the state of Florida and is part of the USF Center for Student Involvement.  The gallery offers the university and Tampa Bay area various stimulating visual art experiences by showing innovative, contemporary art work.  Once submissions close the gallery staff and a select number of student workers of the Center for Student Involvement will come together as a committee to review and select the season’s exhibitions.

You will need to submit a tentative gallery floor plan for your exhibit. 

Please see the image below to assist you in planning.


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