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Interim Budget Request

Sport Clubs which do not have an Annual Budget for the current fiscal year may request an Interim Budget.

All sport clubs may request Interim Funding for the following reasons:

1. Emergency expenditures which result from a natural disaster, theft, vandalism, or unexpected equipment failure where non-funding of damaged equipment replacement would be extraordinarily detrimental to the organization. Insufficient funding does not constitute grounds for Interim Funding under emergency conditions​. 

2. Qualifying for post-season competition which is sponsored by a nationally recognized sanctioning body.

3. New initiatives which provide an opportunity for club growth and/or provide positive exposure for the club and University. New initiatives must be unforeseen opportunities that could not have been requested in a Sport Club's Annual Budget request. 

Interim budget allocations shall be limited by the following: 

  • No sport club may receive more than 20% of the interim budget per fiscal year.
  • The sport club executive board shall not allocate more than 50% of the interim funding account before December 31st.
  • No interim budget requests will be accepted after the first Friday in April. 

Sport Clubs must submit their Interim Funding request at least 4 weeks before the funds are needed (with the exception of emergency expenditures) 

Deadline Funds Available Deadline  Funds Available
9/4/18 10/2/18 1/9/19 2/5/19
10/3/18 11/6/18 2/6/19 3/5/19
11/7/18 12/4/18 3/6/19 4/2/19
12/5/18 1/8/19 4/3/19 4/30/19

You MUST upload a quote for all rental vehicle, hotel, event registration, and equipment requests. These can either be an invoice directly from the vendor/company or a screenshot of the shopping cart you create on the vendor's website. 

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