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Jorge A Acuna Melo
May 11, 2018

Dr. Rajan Batta from University at Buffalo visits INFORMS@USF

May 11, 2018 by Jorge A Acuna Melo

Del and Beth Kimbler Lecture Series
Dr. Rajan Batta from University at Buffalo 

Topic: Location-Coverage  Models for Patrolling Interurban Transportation Networks While Remaining Responsive to Emergencies. 

Interurban roads are often subject to attacks, resulting in assaults to drivers and cargo theft. In an attempt to solve this problem, a binary inter- programming model, whose objective is to maximize the expected vehicle coverage across the network was developed. The talk was focused on two models, the first model consider considers the patrolling situation through an approach that dynamically locates patrol units through a fixed time horizon, subject to movement and location constraints, and considering a probability of not being able to attend to an attack, due to distance factor. This model was applied in a case study in Northern Israel. The second model presented, is a new version that addresses the need to remain responsive to emergencies while conducting the patrol operations.