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Dr. Sauleh Siddiqui from Johns Hopkins visits INFORMS@USF

Del and Beth Kimbler Lecture Series Dr. Sauleh Siddiqui from Johns Hopkins

Topic: An Exact Method for Binary Equilibrium Problems with Compensation & the Power Market Uplift Problem.

The talk was focused on a novel method to find Nash equilibria in games with binary decision variables by including compensation payments and incentive-compatibility constraints from non-cooperative game theory directly into an optimization framework in lieu of using first order conditions...


INFORMS@USF hosts Data Science Boot Camp 2017

INFORMS@USF recently organized its annual Data Science Boot Camp on 24-25 March. More than 70 participants from different engineering and public health departments at USF joined the two-day-long workshop conducted by Informs@USF members. Dr. Mingyang Li, Assistant Professor of Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering, held the opening session speaking on contemporary applications of data science. The remaining sessions focused on teaching basics of programming,...



Mar 24 - Mar 25
Mar 24 - EDU 347, Mar 25 - ENB 118

INFORMS@USF invites you to Data Science Boot Camp this year on 24-25 March. We will be teaching application of R and Python to solve case studies and analyze large-scale data. Please see flyer for more info. Register at:

(Note: RSVP in Bullsync does register you for the event. Please go to the registration website  above and sign up.)

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INFORMS@USF participates in INFORMS Annual Meeting 2016

The Annual Meeting of INFORMS was organized at Nashville this year. Faculty, students and researchers from USF as part of the INFORMS@USF contingent participated in the event, giving talks and presentations and collaborating with researchers from universities and R&D firms across the globe. INFORMS@USF also won the Cum Laude Student Chapter Annual work for organizing activities to promote research, innovation and networking industrial engineering and operations...


INFORMS@USF hosts 2016 Annual BBQ at USF Riverfront Park

INFORMS@USF recently hosted this year's annual picnic for a chance for the members to socialize and have a fun day in the sun with food, drinks and a very competitive soccer match!


INFORMS@USF visits Ben Hill Middle School for Great American Teach-In 2016

Members of INFORMS@USF recently participated in the Great American Teach-In at Ben Hill Middle School, Tampa, to talk about what it means to be an industrial engineer, interesting optimization problems the world faces and to inspire young minds to think critically by using engineering tools for the betterment of society.


Dr. Martin Savelsbergh from Georgia Tech visits INFORMS@USF

Del and Beth Kimbler Lecture Series Dr. Martin Savelsbergh from Georgia Tech

Topic: Dynamic Discretization Discovery: Solving Discrete Time Integer Programs

In the talk, problems are considered in which decisions have to be made about the times at which activities occur and/or resources are utilized. Such models are pervasive in practice, since they occur whenever a schedule of activities needs to be constructed. The talk focuses on extended integer programming (IP) formulations...


Dr. Julie Simmons Ivy from North Carolina State University visits INFORMS@USF.

Del and Beth Kimbler Lecture Series Dr. Julie Simmons Ivy from North Carolina State University

Topic: To be Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise: Using Decision Modeling to Personalize Policy in Health, Hunger Relief, and Education.

Decision making to satisfy the basic human needs of health, food, and education is complex, accomplishing this in such a way that solutions are personalized to the needs of the individual has been the focus of my research. This talk will present an overview of...


Dr. Lawrence M. Seiford from University of Michigan visits INFORMS@USF.

Del and Beth Kimbler Lecture Series Dr. Lawrence M. Seiford from University of Michigan

Topic: The Art & Science of IE Practice: Michigan’s Tauber Institute Student Projects Save Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Annually

For more than 20 years The University of Michigan’s Tauber Institute for Global Operations has impacted operations worldwide. From the outset, it was created as a partnership between Industry, the University of Michigan College of Engineering (CoE), and the...


Dr. Enrique del Castillo from Penn State visits USF

Del and Beth Kimbler Lecture Series: Dr. Enrique del Castillo from Penn State

Topic: High dimensional statistical inference in non-parametric models with applications

Statistical methods for large data-sets are the norm today in applications in science and engineering even for conducting the most fundamental types of inferences. For instance, a considerable body of literature exists for testing very large number of hypotheses in parallel given this is a problem that occurs...


INFORMS@USF Welcome Event 2016

INFORMS at USF recently organized the Welcome Event 2016 to induct newly admitted students into the chapter. A traditional celebration by nature, the event provides an opportunity for students and faculty members to socialize, know more about the organization and the participating department, and have fun with lunch, music and team-building activities!


9th Annual International Potluck

Friday, Apr 24, 12:30 pm
ENC 2004

The Annual International Potluck is coming up Friday April 24th. This is a fundraising activity that allows the chapter to hold more events for promoting the interrelationship among students, faculty and professional or experts in science and engineering. It is also a great opportunity to interact and share some time with students and professors.

The Potluck is open to all INFORMS members, their friends and family and IMSE faculty! The cost is $10 per student, $15 for faculty...

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INFORMS Journal Club

Friday, Apr 10, 12:30 pm
ENG 203

We'll be hosting our second INFORMS Journal Meeting on Friday, April 3rd at 12pm in ENG 203 -- our very own room! Feel free to bring your lunch with you; coffee and snacks will be provided.

This month's paper is titled Exploration in Interactive Personalized Music Recommendation: A Reinforcement Learning Approach available at Mona Haghighi will be leading the discussion. For the best experience, read the paper before the...

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Garrick Aden-Buie replied to the discussion Paper suggestions!

CANCELED - INFORMS Journal Club Meeting

Friday, Mar 13, All Day

Unfortunately, I will not be able to lead this month's journal club meeting. We'll be back the first Friday of April.

Detail to be announced soon. See the INFORMS Journal Club page for more information, and suggest articles for discussion on our Forum page.

Will you be attending?

Paper suggestions!

This thread is for posting and keeping track of paper suggestions for any and all upcoming Journal club meetings. Anytime you come across any good candidate paper for the Journal club, added to this list so we can consider it for future meetings!

Garrick Aden-Buie replied to the discussion First INFORMS Journal Club Meeting! Friday, February 6th at noon!

Spring 2015 – NEW Journal Club! Boot Camp, Engineering EXPO, and more!

Get involved in INFORMS this semester!

Hi all! We've got a great semester coming up, with a lot of great activities and opportunities for you to connect with your fellow INFORMS members, interact with distinguished speakers, share your skills and knowledge and give back to the community. We can't wait to see you at all of our events!

This semester we have a number of important activities and will need volunteer leaders to help make them a success. Please read through all of our...


FIRST INFORMS Journal Club Meeting

Friday, Feb 6, 4 pm
CUTR 202, Center for Urban Transportation Research, 4202 East Fowler Avenue, Tampa, FL 33620

The very first meeting of the INFORMS Journal Club! To find out more about the Journal Club, head over the INFORMS Journal Club page.

The first paper to be presented on February 6th will be Do we need hundreds of classifiers to solve real world classification problems? and the Tech Tip will be Building Great Models Quickly with "caret" and R. We look forward to seeing you there!

Will you be attending?

First INFORMS Journal Club Meeting! Friday, February 6th at noon!

Our first INFORMS Journal Club meeting will be held on Friday, February 6th from 12:00-1:30pm. Location TBA.

Paper: The first paper will be Do we need hundreds of classifiers to solve real world classification problems? published in the Journal of Machine Learning Research in October 2014.

Tech Tip:  Building Great Models Quickly with Caret and R.  Related to the paper, we will be discussing a package for R used extensively by the...

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