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Welcome to the BULLSYNC page for the USF branch of the Association for Computing Machinery!

Some of the benefits our members enjoy include presentations by industry speakers presenting topics on the latest developments in technology, with free food and drinks, social events, career contacts and planning, the ACM annual programming competition, leadership opportunities, and much more!

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Hey USF ACM Members!

Its time to announce the Fall 2016 Semester Events! Please take a second to RSVP to any events that look interesting. RSVPs help us to determine food and materials we need for each event. Feel free to share this with any USF friends. 

ACM Fall Schedule August 22nd – November 30th  (~14 Weeks)

Meetings to occur on Tuesdays or Thursdays.



August 22nd                Engineering Welcome

In conjunction with the Engineering Council the Fish Bowl has been reserved for 6:30-7:30 PM the first day of class. Event will feature one dozen engineering student organizations representing every department from the College of Engineering. The event will kick off with 15 minutes of socializing followed by 2 minute elevator pitches by each of the attending organizations.  This will be followed by food, drinks and signup with organizations. 




September 19th                Do Career Fair the Right Way! - ENB 313 @6:30PM

Join us and crack the code for technical interviews with practice questions from Facebook and Google! We will also help with polishing your resume and answer questions about Career Fair.



September 27th     Nielsen Agile Workshop - ENB 109 @6PM

Come out and learn how to approach project managements within an appropriate time frame. This is a great opportunity for you to learn this essential skill that most major software development companies use as well as network with professionals. 

September 28th     Deloitte Software Design Workshop - ENB 109 @4PM

Deloitte will be visiting ACM to present a practical, interactive, and fun workshop titled "Decomposing Requirements for a High Level Software Design." There will be free food and a chance to personally network with Deloitte before their Info Session!



October 3rd         Technical Workshop – ENB 313 @6:30PM

A workshop on a special topics in computer science.


October 17th       Google Tech Talk: Women in Technology

In this presentation, we'll explore the role of diversity in creating productive teams and how the history of computer science and programming shapes the industry today. We'll also be looking why fewer women are coding, and what we can do to design better software products that all users can enjoy.


October 18th       See MIPs Run!

MIPS is RISC Architecture. For FALL 2016 ACM has secured funding for MIPS microcontroller purchases. For many engineers experience with assembly can be a profound experience. Profoundly difficult and profoundly rewarding. This event hopes to gently introduce students to some elements of assembly.




October 24th               Go With the Flow

Tensor Flow is a open source software library for machine learning developed and used by Google with C++ and Python APIs. This event will feature examples and tutorials.



November 4th              Google Application Engine

Using credit for Google Application Engine. We will create simple full stack web applications. Example shall feature version control. Automatic Deployment and testing.




November 7th    Rapid Hybrid App Development with AR

This event will be hosted by our Vice President and a guest speaker from Graduate School. At this event, we will go over the development of a Web App, port it to Android and iOS and add AR/VR capabilites to the app. The end goal will be an app which can detect facial features and apply masks. (Snapchat Clone!!) Open to all USF Students


November 7th – 11th     Every Day & Twice on Sundays

C++ is the successor to C and is a widely used programming language. The principle of polymorphism, abstraction, and inheritance are critical for quality software development. This event will use select exercise from the book “Thinking in C++”. We will be covering subjects such as Hiding Implementation, Function Overloading and Default Arguments, Name Control & the Copy Constructor, Inheritance, Polymorphism and Templates.




November 14th      Info Session w/Sunview

Come in for an Info Session w/Sunview!

You'll learn more about what Sunview does and the opportunities they have available! Food will be provided :)


 Good luck this Fall semester and have fun!


ACM Spring Schedule January 8th – May 4th  (~14 Weeks)

Meetings to occur on Tuesdays or Thursdays.


SOFWERX Info Session - January 18th

Come in for an Info Session with SOFWERX. Learn more about what the company does and the opportunities they offer! Food will be provided.


ACM Intro & Elections - January 23rd

ACM will be hosting an event to give an introduction on the club. Elections will occur as well for two open positions, the two positions that are available are Webmaster and Fundraising Chair. If you are interested in these positions please be ready to talk about yourself, explain the reason why you chose the position and answer any questions that we may ask. For those of you who are interested in joining ACM E-board not this semester, but in later semesters have an opportunity to join on what's called a "shadowing program". We will be discussing this "shadowing program" where some of you can participate, join our officer meetings and see how the club works.


Drift Info Session - January 30th

Come and join us to learn about a startup company called Drift. This event will be hosted by Elias Torres, the founder and CTO of the company. He will discuss what the company does, what opportunities the company has to offer and what their goals are. Free food will be provided.


Deloitte Workshop - February 1st

Come and join us to learn about DevOps which aims to unify development and software operation. It will be a fun, interactive, and informative event!

Free food and drinks will be provided!


Information Session with Raytheon - February 13th

Learn what makes a good resume and some interviewing/negotiation techniques with Raytheon. Free food will be provided.


ACMxSASE Celebrates Chinese New Years - February 14th

Come join SASE and ACM as they celebrate Chinese New Year. They'll be delicious Chinese food, red envelopes giveaways and many more fun actives!  


Info Session with Sunview - February 15th

Come join us and know more about SunView and the opportunities available at the company. 
SunView Software is a leading provider of IT Service Management Software that helps companies build smarter and more responsive IT service environments.


Cyber Talk with Dr. Ou - February 20th

ACM will host an event for Dr. Xinming (Simon) Ou, an associate professor at USF. Dr. Ou will talk about his research on group Argus: He will discuss about why undergraduate students may want to get involved in research and discuss about career plans and graduate schools. Open to all USF students.


ACMxSASE- Lets Celebrate Holi - March 1st

Join SASE as they celebrate the hindu festival of Holi, their will be a small presentation about the significance of Holi as well as Indian Food!


Hack-A-Bull - March 24th - March 25th 

Hack-A-Bull is the University of South Florida's first major league hackathon. This event showcases and encourages the idea to code and create something new in just over 24 hours. We will be collaborating with SHPE-Tech in this event.



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