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Welcome to The Chronic Project, we are a group on Mizzou's campus whose goals are to educate our campus, advocate for and support those will chronic illness and disabilities. Interested in joining? We meet every Thursday at 6pm in the Student Center Room 2204! Anyone is welcome at anytime. 

Portal Information


The purpose of our organization is to provide a safe and positive space for students with chronic illnesses, chronic health conditions, and chronic pain to come together, talk, and support one another. Along with being a support for one another, we also hope to be a group that advocates, educates and works together to be a group on campus that can change the way our world views disability and chronic illness. One goal we truly want is to break the view of, “it’s just a phase” for issues with Chronic Illness and Disability. With every day, more and more students come in contact with fellow students, friends and family members living in the chronic category.



President Name (Organization's Primary Contact)

Alyssa Henzler

Vice-President Name (Organization's Secondary Contact)

Layne Silverman

Treasurer Name (Organization's Fiscal Contact)

Alyssa Henzler

Faculty/Staff Advisor Name

Dr. Julie Elman

Advisor Job/Work Title

Ex: Professor of Health Sciences, Academic Advisor of Journalism, Chef for Dining Services, etc.

Assistant Professor of Women's & Gender Studies

Organization Email Address

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Campus Mailing Address

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325 Arvarh E. Strickland Hall

Membership Criteria / Selection Process

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Everyone is welcome!

Here's What We Do

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We work as a group to educate, advocate and support Mizzou's campus.

Meeting Information

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We meet every other Monday at 6pm in the Student Center!

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