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Return Funds to Senate Surplus 2018-19

This form is used for ASUO-recognized student organizations to return unused funds from their annual incidental fee budget ("I fund") to Senate Surplus.

Student orgs are NOT required to complete this form, since any unspent funds will automatically be swept to Surplus at the end of the year (June 30, 2019). This form is primarily used by student orgs who know early in the year that they will not use some or all of their incidental fee budget. By returning the funds during the year, the money can be made available for other student orgs' events that same year.

Deadline? Forms are accepted through Week 7 of Spring Term.

Who Can Submit? Only authorized signers for your organization. Forms submitted by non-authorized signers will be denied.

Tips for Completing:

  • Obtain a copy of your current ledger from ASUO Finance (email before starting; you will need current balances and names of budget line items to accurately complete the form.
  • When entering dollar amounts to return, leave a small buffer in your account to cover any outstanding purchases.

What Happens After You Submit?

  1. ASUO Finance will review your form for accuracy and may reach back to you for more information
  2. Once your form has been verified by ASUO Finance, the Senate President will contact you to schedule a Senate hearing date
  3. ASUO Senate will hear your request and vote to approve or deny the return
  4. If approved, ASUO Finance will update your ledger to reflect the return of funds; this could take up to one week following the date that Senate submits notification to ASUO Finance


  • For general questions about Surplus returns or the status of your form, please contact ASUO Finance at or 541-346-0626
  • For questions about the timing or results of your Senate hearing, please contact the Senate President at

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