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Welcome to the Pre-Vet Club!

Take a look at our 2017-2018 Officer Line up!

  • President: Hannah Smylie
  • Vice President: Colter Haman
  • Treasurer: Rebecca Karns
  • Secretary: Alexis Pedrow
  • Representative for Ag Student Council: Ethan Engelland
  • Representative for Arts and Sciences Student Council: Marissa Komp
  • Special Events Chair: Danielle Morton
  • Social events chair: Meagan Fortin
  • Community Service Chair: Daria Hagan
  • Community Service Chair: Kristin Reichert
  • Fundraising Chair: Christine Rosa
  • Fundraising Chair: Leanna Burton
  • Communications Chair: Emily Eppler
  • Zoo Liaison: Savannah Swenson
  • Historian: Rebecca Schultz

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Pre-Vet Club is an opportunity for students with an interest in veterinary medicine to learn what it takes to become a vet student, introduce themselves to the wide careers available, get some great first hand experiences, and have fun with other people who share their interests!




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