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Welcome to Kansas State Collegiate 4-H! Join our OrgSync and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on meetings and all of the fun stuff we have planned!

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Developing transferable skills to enhance your career readiness skill set and demonstrating those skills by serving in a ready-made context across Kansas is the goal of Collegiate 4-H! As future professionals, Collegiate 4-H provides a great context to explore, develop, and serve as project and community-based volunteers within Kansas 4-H Youth Development Programs. Together, being a welcoming community of young adults from diverse backgrounds, learning to serve K-12 youth and the community together through the Department of 4-H Youth Development within K-State Research and Extension! Whether you have participated in 4-H experiences previously or just want to learn about the service opportunities available to college students in fulfilling the mission of 4-H Youth Development, come and check it out! Attend a training, get to know other passionate youth-serving volunteers through Collegiate 4-H!

We meet monthly and assist the K-State 4-H Youth Development Department in providing programmatic support to over 71,000 youth through 4-H Youth Development activities across 105 county-based K-State Research and Extension offices. For example, we train together to serve and provide assistance at 4-H communication, content specific, and leadership activities. By participating in Collegiate 4-H, you develop skills in leadership development, program development, community networking, engaged learning methods, advocacy, teamwork, and collaboration while working with youth and adults across the state. Plus we have a lot of fun! Join us in this valuable mission serving youth, inspiring them to learn, and connecting them to a positive K-State experience through 4-H Youth Development!


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