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Elizabeth Purswani
Sep 27, 2016

FINAL NOTICE: Student Organization registration and training deadlines are approaching

Sep 27, 2016 by Elizabeth Purswani

THIS IS YOUR FINAL NOTICE. Student Organization registration and training deadlines are approaching!


  • Student Organization Registration is due this Friday, September 30Failure to register your organization will result in disabling of the organizations OrgSync portal and funds being frozen.
    • Part of this registration is the completion of the Position Form(s) that each officer and advisor receives. The form was automatically emailed to each email Elizabeth Purswani, Student Activities Coordinator, at if you did not receive the forms.  Registrations will be fully approved once forms are completed. 
    • If your student organization has not registered, please have your President visit your student organization OrgSync page and click on the Update Now in the ORANGE BOX in the top left corner. If you do not see this, then you will need to request administrative privileges for the student organizations OrgSync portal from Elizabeth at


  • Student Organization Lockers Registration is due on Friday, September 30.  Failure to register your locker will result in loss of locker privileges. 
    • Visit here to register your locker-.
    • If you do not have a locker, and would like to request one, please visit here- .


  • Student Organization Trainings are ongoing through October 11.  Failure to complete trainings will result in disabling of the organizations OrgSync portal and funds being frozen.
    • The remaining training dates are:
    • Who needs to attend trainings?
      • Officer Trainings- Presidents, Treasurers, and the 3rd Primary Officer as noted on organizations registration
      • Financial Expenditure Training- President and Treasurers
    • We have sent multiple notices regarding registration and trainings, and there have been many trainings offered, including a Saturday Training.  Please utilize the remaining date/time options to fullfil this requirement -we are not offering individual trainings.



Other Reminders:

  • Student Organization OrgSync Tutorials will be offered this semester for organizations that want to learn more about how to utilize OrgSync and how to create their external website.  Please visit your events tab for upcoming trainings, as there is one in October and there will be two in November.
  • Create your OrgSync website by December 1 and be entered to win $$$ for your student organization!!
    • Criteria: Minimum of 4 pages must be completed and up to date on your website. Visitors to your site must be able to find: what your organization is/does, contact information, what events you have coming up, and when meetings are. Premier organizations are not eligible for prizes.
  • Supplemental funding is coming soon! If your group would like to apply for additional spring semester funds, check out the information online regarding supplemental funding, and be sure to adhere to all of the dates and deadlines in the supplemental process (including attending the required training on structuring your budget request). New and established organizations that have completed registration and training are eligible to request up to $2000 in additional funds through this process.