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Student Organization Training

Don't get disabled: complete training by Sept 30!

Information about online Student Org Training

The Center for Student Involvement is pleased to be offering training online again this year!

Below you will find links to access the training, information about what you'll need (technology-wise), and answers to some common questions. If you have other questions, feel free to reach out to us by email (, phone (410.837.5417) or stop by our office (SC 302).

Officer Training Modules

These are required of the President, Treasurer, and 3rd Primary Officer for each organization. (Note: the 3rd Primary Officer is designated during the registration process in OrgSync) 

Financial Training Modules

These are required of the President and Treasurer for each organization.

Technical requirements

Important: Please be sure you have disabled any browser add-ons such as ad blockers, as these may interfere with the tracking of your quiz score.

To utilize the online training modules you will need:

  • A computer or smart device with internet access, an HTML5 compatible browser, and audio playback capability - see the device specific requirements below. Note: Some content may be difficult to view on devices with smaller screens (e.g. phones).
  • Windows: Chrome 43 or later; and Firefox 38 or later (Do not use Internet Explorer)
  • Mac: Safari 8.0.6 or later; Chrome 43 or later; Firefox 38 or later
  • iOS devices: iOS 8 or later and Safari (latest)
  • Andriod devices: Android 4.4.2 or later and Chrome (latest version)
  • Recommended: Access to a printer if you wish to print your completion certificate, or the ability to screenshot and save the certificate.

Common Questions

Why are there five required training modules, didn't there used to be two?
The in-person training sessions offered in the past (officer training and financial training) have been broken apart into shorter modules to allow more flexibility. Student Org leaders are now able to complete training one part at a time, instead of all at once. The topics covered are similar and the length of time to complete all of the modules is roughly the same as the length of time the in-person training used to encompass.

Who needs to take the training?
The three officer training modules need to be completed by the organization's President, Treasurer, and third primary officer. Organizations designate which officer is their 'third primary officer' during the registration process in OrgSync. The two financial training modules need to be completed by the organization's President and Treasurer.

Can I skip information I already know?
Remember, student org leaders are responsible for all information contained in the training. Additionally, each module has a quiz at the end which you'll need to pass in order to receive credit. Viewing all of the information in the module will enable you to easily pass the quiz. With that in mind, the training modules are largely self-paced and it is possible to move ahead without viewing all content on all slides.

I've been through training before, do I need to do it again?
Officers are required to complete training each year, as some information does change year-to-year.

Do I need to complete the training all at once?
Each of the modules is distinct, so you do not need to complete all of the modules in a single sitting. Progress within each module is not saved if you exit that individual module before completing it, however, so it is wise to complete an entire module once you start it.

Is there a test?
To ensure you've acquired the information you'll need to successfully manage your organization, each module includes a 10 question quiz at the end. A score of 80 percent or better is needed to pass each quiz. You can easily re-take a quiz you did not pass, if you do so before exiting the module. The officer training modules also include "knowledge check" questions to reinforce key points during the presentation. The knowledge check questions do not impact your quiz score.

How does CSI know I've completed the course?
The Center for Student Involvement receives an electronic record of each module completion. This includes overall score and course metadata (time spent in the course, etc.). You will also be given the opportunity to print (or screenshot and save) a certificate of completion, as a backup to the electronic reporting; you are strongly encouraged to do so.

Why is the training being offered online?
We want students to be able to access the training from anywhere, at any time.

Will there be an option to be trained in-person?
No. Training will be completely online. CSI staff is also available for one-on-one help by appointment, but this does not take the place of online training.

Is there a deadline?
All required modules must be completed by the appropriate officers by September 30, 2018. Sooner is better. Any organization whose officers do not meet this requirement will have its OrgSync portal disabled and will lose access to funds.

Don't get disabled: complete training by Sept 30!