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Welcome to Fairfield University IRHA! On our Org Sync portal you can find details of upcoming events, complete listings of the IRHA executive board and each RHA, pictures from past events, and more! 

Be sure to visit our website as well!

Anyone can become involved with our organization at any level! You can really make a difference in your floor, building, or entire campus simply by joining your living area's Residential Housing Association. Please do not hesitate to ask questions, stop by the Office of Residence Life or attend our bi-weekly general assemblies.

Executive Board

James Cotumaccio President - Co
Ashley Kasperavich President - Co
Megan Murphy Chief Financial Officer
Audra Connolly Co-Director of Marketing
Sydney Savoie Co-Director of Marketing
Marianna Poccia Executive Assistant
Adriana Bifulco Co Nat'l Communication Coordinator
Carissa Corraro Director of Student Affairs
DJ Ciampi Director of Community Outreach
Emily Scott Co-Director of programming
Anna Derrane Co-Director of programming
Alison Moran co-Director of Student Affairs
Danielle Vazzano Co Nat'l Communication Coordinator
Ashley Kasperavich Co-President (Spring 2019)
Natalie Gammer Director of Diversity Initiatives, NRHH Chair
OPEN   BRAG Liaison 



  • Meredith Smith - IRHA Advisor & Associate Director, Office of Residence Life

Portal Information


As residents of Fairfield University, we recognize that residing on campus, taking part in campus life and living independently are essential aspects of the Fairfield University experience and an important part of our personal development. it is our sole responsibility to create our own clean, safe, and respectful living community, which is pursuant towards our academic, social, and personal development and that it is the inherent right of residents living in such a community to establish among themselves and for their benefit, a residential association, the unique mission of which shall be to promote and develop the Fairfield University residential community.
To serve on the IRHA executive board you must be holding or have held a Residential Community Council position.