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CaneBuddy is a peer mentoring program that facilitates the transition of incoming freshmen and transfer students to their new home at the U. Our mentors are involved upperclassmen who help connect new students to a community of other fellow students, participate in activities outside of the classroom, and excite about all that UM has to offer.


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CaneBuddy facilitates the transition of new 'canes to UM and South Florida. Experienced and knowledgeable upperclassmen will serve as their first UM friend-mentor before they even arrive on campus. Cane Buddies – the mentors – will contact their mentees through e-mail, phone, Skype or Facebook to make them feel welcomed by providing support, assistance, and guidance to new Canes, promoting, likewise, their academic and personal growth. They will focus on assisting new students in adjusting academically, culturally, and socially to their new environment in a friendly and informal context. For example, the mentors will answer any questions, tour the campus and show where the mentees’ classes will be held. In the same way, CaneBuddy will give new students the chance to get to know the UM community and everything it has to offer academically, socially and culturally at a pace in which they can absorb and process all the information to make the best use of it. Also, the mentees will have the opportunity to meet other mentors and mentees who will later serve as connections to meet more people.

This program will be integrated in the daily lives of new students, where experienced Canes will pass their expertise and wisdom about UM and South Florida to their mentees. These mentors will establish a relationship with their mentees based on mutual trust, respect and collegiality.



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Leah Elefante

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Karina Cepeda

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Darby Plummer

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Cane Success Center