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Bobbie Jean Pinedo commented on the event PTK Christmas Party

PTK Christmas Party

Thursday, Dec 7, 7 pm
JSOM Atrium

Join us as we close out the semester with a Christmas party! Space is limited so be sure to RSVP by Dec 1st to reserve your seat. Bring a dish and a gift! $10 gift minimum, please. 

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Limited spaces available


Lori Skillestad

Can't wait to see everyone! :)

Bobbie Jean Pinedo

Seats still available! To sign up for the potluck, visit the following link:

PTK Chipotle Fundraiser

Wednesday, Jan 24, 5 pm
283 West Campbell Road, Richardson, TX 75080

Come and eat at Chipotle to support our organization! Be sure to mention that you are associated with PTK when you order.

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PTK MOOYAH Fundraiser

Tuesday, Mar 20, 1 pm
2160 North Coit Road, Suite 130, Richardson, TX, 75080

Come and enjoy eating at MOOYAH to help fundraise for PTK! Make sure to mention you came to support PTK so that the sale goes to the organization.

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PTK: Up All Night

Thursday, Nov 9, 8:30 pm
Lot T

Join us as we decorate for the Homecoming parade. 

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PTK General Meeting

Thursday, Nov 9, 7 pm
Galaxy Room A

Join us for our monthly general meeting. 

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PTK: Dallas Life Community Service

Sunday, Nov 5, 1 pm
1100 Cadiz St Dallas, TX 75215

Join us as we volunteer at Dallas Life. We will be working with children between the ages 5-12. To sign-up, email us at

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Viva Volunteer

Saturday, Oct 28, 8 am
UTD- meet in Visitor Center
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PTK Trunk or Treat

Friday, Oct 27, 6 pm
Northwest Parking Lot T and Residence Hall Northwest.

Come out to our PTK Trunk or Treat! Where we hand out candy to kids and dress up in Candy Land characters! Our theme is Candy Land and you are more than welcome to dress up as any candy and join us!

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Bobbie Jean Pinedo commented on the event Mandatory General Meeting

PTK Trunk or Treat Decorating Night

Thursday, Oct 19, 8 pm
Galaxy Room A

Join us after our general meeting as we begin to prepare for Trunk or Treat! We will be creating our decorations for our theme, "Candyland".

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Mandatory General Meeting

Thursday, Oct 19, 7 pm
Galaxy Room A

Risk Management Training as required by the State and University. A list of attendees will be submitted to the University, make sure your name is included!

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Bobbie Jean Pinedo

Hi Clara! We want our members safe above all else. We understand that schedules will conflict and not everyone can attend. We will provide a list of names to our advisor that includes those who informed us that they couldn't make it. In regards to the pictures, the photos include those who volunteered at our community events for the month of September. If you would like to see pictures that are from our meetings, please visit our Instagram page as that is where our Historian Committee uploads them. We don't upload all the pictures we take but we try our best to showcase members and be inclusive. I'm sorry if you feel left out; this was not our intention.

Tayyaba Tariq

Sorry, I cannot make it because I have a meeting to attend. Thanks, Tayyaba Tariq.

Bobbie Jean Pinedo

Hi Tayyaba! Sorry to hear that you can't make it to our training. Can you please send us an email to Thanks!

PTK - September Birthdays!

Please help us wish our members a Happy Birthday!


PTK - September Birthdays!

Please help us wish our members a Happy Birthday!


PTK Jack Pot Scholarship

This will go on for the Fall and Spring Semester for all Phi Theta Kappa Members

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!


Deme D Sibere commented on the event TransferU (Life-Hacks)

Root Beer Floats!!

Root Beer Floats

4-5:30 p.m. Student Union Awning The quintessential summer treat! (Galaxy Rooms rainout)


Natalie Nguyen commented on the news post August Birthdays!

August Birthdays!

Help PTK wish our members Happy Birthday!

Don't see your name? Make sure to add your birthday to your profile information!



Snehith Chittavajhula

Updated, thanks!

Natalie Nguyen

My birthday is on August 30th

TransferU (Life-Hacks)

Saturday, Sep 10, 10 am
SU 2.508


Please attend our TransferU briefing.

Our goal is to give you the "I wish I had known that!" facts before you have to find them out the hard way.

During this event we will:

Provide details on ways to save money on and off campus Share tricks that not everyone is familiar with Inform you of important dates and deadlines Answer questions about UTDallas 

We are excited to see you there! Being that this is an extremely...

Will you be attending?


Nadia DuBell

So sorry to miss but I have an all-day Industry Conference that day.

Deme D Sibere

My class ends at 11:am tomorrow. I don't know if I'm gonna make it. Can anyone kindly shoot me a reminder text tomorrow. I would very much appreciate that. Thanks! Deme 2147787549

Reace Weldon W Foster commented on the event PTK Monthly Meetup

PTK Monthly Meetup

Monday, Aug 29, 7:30 pm
SU 2.508


Please join us at our monthly MeetUp!

We will have drinks and snack and possibly some prizes!

The purpose of our Monthly MeetUps is to:

Meet and Greet fellow PTK members Receive Updates on upcoming Events Give feedback and ideas for future events and fundraisers Enjoy the college experience!
Will you be attending?

Comments ·

Melissa Osorio

I will definitely be attending. The time fits perfectly into my schedule for that day. I'm new to UTD and just joined the group today. I can't wait to meet everyone!

Dakota A McCarty

Sorry, cannot make it due to class. Hope to still be able to participate in other activities and events!

Reace Weldon W Foster

I'll do my best to make it.

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