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Welcome to our Outreach Resource Centers portal. Please take some time to look around and find ways to get involved. We appreciate all the support we receive from volunteers!

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OUTreach Resource Center, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit based in Ogden, Utah. Founded in 2005, OUTreach “saves the lives of LGBT individuals and transforms communities” by a combination of direct services to 350 youth age 14-23 and through community education and engagement with a variety of partners throughout the state of Utah and the nation. The work that OUTreach does in the state of Utah is a model for a wide variety of communities, with 24 centers throughout the country that are direct copies, the latest in Midland, Texas.

The direct services are in the form of interventions designed to improve outcome for this marginalized and high risk group which faces a disproportionate incidence of homelessness (30% of OUTreach attendees) and suicide risk (every youth knows at least 1 friend who has lost their life to suicide, one youth knows 19) and low educational attainment (10% go on to attend college). In addition to discrete programs, the center is designed to support youth at all levels.

Center services to youth comprise 40% of OUTreach Resource Center operations, with 60% dedicated to transforming the culture of Utah to one of acceptance for LGBT youth.


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2760 Adams Ave Ogden, Ut 84403

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OUTreach Resource Centers is a non-profit collection of youth resource centers dedicated to transforming communities and saving lives through comprehensive programming, community advocacy, and training designed to promote positive outcomes for underserved populations.

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Brian Barnum: Volunteer Coordinator
Number: 801-510-6812

Anna Tremonte: Interim Director

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