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Careers for Social Justice: Exploring Teaching and Education Careers

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Thursday, Nov 29, 2018
4:30 PM - 6:30 PM PST
T-1200Map Location

Join the Future Teachers Club and Reading Department for a panel discussion and breakout session!  Hear from a group of elementary, secondary, and college teachers as well as TK-12 administrators and experts to learn about the working lives and career pathways of teachers and those in the education field.  Ask questions and get expert answers from this fabulous group of local educators who work to provide a more equitable society and create change in their community.

Enter our raffle to win a prize!  Refreshments served.  Walk-ins welcome, and RSVP is preferred.  Earn an extra raffle ticket when you RSVP!

Learn more about LBCC's pathway for future teachers here:


Megan Kaplinsky

Volunteer sign-up: Roxanne - sign in and raffle tickets, Alexandria - booth flyers, Alex - runner/signs/food. Alex and Fabiola pass mics. Roxanne introduces panelists and breakouts. Emily calls out raffle winners with Alexandria.
Thank you!