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Welcome to Florida Tech's Surf Club and Team!

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Instagram: floridatechsurf


About us:

Our goal is to encourage participation the sport of surfing as well as the surfing community and lifestyle through meetings, fundraisers, beach clean ups, surf lessons, and other events.  As for the club, we're planning on spreading knowledge about the world's oceans and teaching anyone willing to learn how to surf.  Anyone is welcome!  We are currently funded by the Student Activities Funding Committee (SAFC).  As for the team, we plan on improving our status as a competitive school in the collegiate NSSA competitions by competing in monthly competitions in New Smyrna that qualify us at the regional and national level by the end of the year.



Portal Information


Participate in NSSA competitions, community service events such as beach clean ups, and bring people together who love to surf. Offer a networking base for the local surfing community as well as international industry.

Club advisor is Dr. Weaver,


Club & Recreational Sports

Meeting Day


Meeting Time

9:00 pm

Meeting Location

Evans P133

President Name

Ashley Reitano

President Email
Additional Contact Name

Cameron Shearer

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