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Kaitlin P Flores
Dec 6, 2016

Senate Minutes from 12.1.16 Posted

Dec 6, 2016 by Kaitlin P Flores

Good Evening Senate,

I know many of you have been waiting in deepest anticipation to read, review, and write reflections over the Senate minutes from Thursday so I'm here to tell you.. they've been posted! Click here to see what happened during the 5hr 15min long meeting! No, that is no joke. If you're still too exhausted from Senate to read, catch up with a short recap, something I like to call the Senate Top 5!!

  1. K-State Attorney Sarah Barr came and spoke to Senate about Student Legal Services on campus. She is located in 201 Holton Hall and can be reached by phone at (785) 532-6432 or by email at
  2. The Diversity 2025 committee met on Monday, 11/28 and is moving forward with diversity planning.
  3. Kansas Board of Regents is meeting on 12/14, where they will likely approve or disapprove university policies from across the system regarding weapons policies.
  4. Speaker Pro Tempore Kucera lead a discussion regarding students thoughts on TEVALS and how the process can be improved.
  5. Resolution 16/17/31 FY 2017 Allocation of Student Bond Surplus Funds For Union Renovation was heavily debated, moved in to final action, and ultimately passed by a vote of 42-5-0.

Perfect, all caught up now! Just a PSA to always eat dinner before Senate because you never know, it just may last 5 hours and you could end up eating a Poptart for dinner from the vending machine at midnight... not that I'd know from personal experience or anything... ha...ha... alright bye.

Your Faithful Scribe,

Kaitlin Flores
Student Senate Secretary