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Kaitlin P Flores
Oct 24, 2016

Senate Minutes from 10.20.16 Posted

Oct 24, 2016 by Kaitlin P Flores

Good Afternoon Senate,

I hope you all had an excellent weekend and are ready to succeed (as usual) in this new week! Please click here to see what went on in Senate on Thursday. If you were not in Senate, you missed out on an important announcement that this Thursday we will be having a Halloween Senate! Meaning that you can come dressed in an ~appropriate~ Halloween costume! Make sure you go all out because we will be having a costume contest. If you still don't know what your costume is going to be, don't worry, I rounded up some ideas below....

Hope that helped. Anyways, here are some Senate reminders...

1. The application for the 2016-2017 Elections Commissioner is now live and will be open until Friday,October 28th at midnight. The form can be found at the following link:
2. Please fill out the mid-semester survey. It is important for the leadership to know what Senators and Interns are thinking!

  • Senators:
  • ¬†Interns:

3. If you would like to or are required to go to the Cats for Inclusion event next week (10/27) you will be excused from first roll call but please be here as soon as possible.
4. If your nameplate is wrong or you would prefer a different name, please let Stephen know.

Have a great week!

Your Faithful Scribe,

Kaitlin Flores
Student Senate Secretary