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Jack M Ayres
Oct 19, 2016

Senate Agenda and Announcements

Oct 19, 2016 by Jack M Ayres



I hope that everybody's Homecoming Week is off to a good start - I thought about making a cameo during WRL last night, but just couldn't find the right dancing shoes!

The agenda for this week's meeting can be found at the following link: 

I will add proxies following the due date on Wednesday night at 7pm.


Additionally, I wanted to reiterate what Bill said in his email today regarding the importance of attendance this week. With that being said, I know some conflicts are unavoidable. However, I would ask you to please fill out the proxy form regardless of whether or not you will be excused as it allows us to keep track and make sure we will make quorum.

Finally, Bill and I made a slight change to the proxy form today that requires Senators filling out the form to add the email address of your proxy. The proxy is then asked to "approve" of the form submission. This is to guarantee that Senators have talked to their proxies and know that the proxy will be at Senate and is not already serving as a proxy for somebody else. I will go over this in further detail on Thursday.