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Jack M Ayres
Apr 19, 2016

Senate Agenda and Announcements

Apr 19, 2016 by Jack M Ayres


I hope everybody is having a great week so far! This week's agenda can be found at the following link:


Additionally I wanted to make a few announcements:


First, I want to congratulate all of our new members of the Legislative Executive Committee! They are as follows: 

Governmental Relations Committee Chair: Kaitlyn Alanis

Student Engagement Committee Chair: Jordan Eberhardy

Senate Operations Committee Chair: Anna Jackson 

College Allocations Committee Chair: William Orth 

University Allocations Committee Chair: Andrew Peuchen 

Privilege Fee Committee Chair: Jonathan Peuchen

Intern Coordinator: Jordan Kiehl 

Student Senate Secretary: Kaitlin Flores 

Student Senate Parliamentarian: Karl Wilhelm 


Second, I want to remind everybody to fill out proxy forms if you are going to be absent! They are due the Tuesday before the Senate meeting in order to be approved. Speaker Pro Tempore Kucera and I will discuss this further in the education section of our next two senate meetings.


Lastly,  I wanted to let everybody know that we will be ordering name tags soon. If you would like a name tag, please bring Bill or myself $5 by next week's senate (4/28). This Thursday would be a perfect time to give me that money!