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Resolution 15/16/09 A Call for Transparency of the Campus Security Plan


File Name: r.15.16.09.docx
Location: Files » Legislation » 6- Certified and Complete » 2015-2016 » Resolution 15/16/09 A Call for Transparency of the Campus Security Plan

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A Call For Transparency of the Campus Security Plan In response to Kansas legislation passed in 2013 (HB2052), the Kansas Board of Regents (BoR) requested exemption for all state universities which lasts until July, 2017. As part of the exemption, the BoR is required to maintain a plan to provide "adequate security measures" for all exempt buildings by the expiration of the exemption. This plan is not subject to Kansas open legislation law. The plan to provide "adequate security measures" is estimated to cost at least $50 million and could take years to fully implement. After meeting with campus officials, it is apparent that a proper plan is not in place to secure funding for such expenses which include: Armed guards at every building entrance Metal detectors at every building entrance Weapon storage and holding lockers at every building entrance Recognizing the Universities commitment to a gun-free campus, we believe that current students, prospective students, and faculty should be aware of this looming deadline and the Universities plan. This resolution requests a private audience with campus officials to discuss the campus security plan with the student governing associate body. Following the closed briefing, a public statement regarding the campus security plan is also requested to inform current students, prospective students, University employees, and members of the Manhattan community of the plan, funding opportunities, and expected implementation schedule.