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Programming Board
May 1, 2017


May 1, 2017 by Programming Board


Programming Board spends the entire year planning the Green Key Concert. We do it because we love all of you and enjoy live music just as much as you do. But this year we are changing the rules a little and we need everyone on the same page.

Access to the 2017 Green Key Concert will be restricted.

Since the first Green Key Concert in 2013, the Town of Hanover has increasingly expressed concerns about concert security, crowd behavior, and pressure on emergency services. We and the administration have worked closely with the town to address these concerns and deliver a safe and fun event for Dartmouth students. This year, the Town has stipulated that in order to ensure this concert moves forward in a safe and sustainable way, there must be a physical enclosure around the concert grounds and a way to ensure that those attending are only members of the Dartmouth community and their guests.

In order to enter the Green Key Concert grounds, you will simply need to prominently display your official "Green Key 2017 Concert Wristband" by raising your arm at the entry gate and concert staff will wave you through. Unless you are walking with a large, dense group, there most likely not even be a need to break stride. That's it. No pat downs, no flashlights in your eyes, only the briefest of interaction with concert staff. You can enter and exit the concert grounds through one of the two access points as many times throughout the event as you want.

Every current Dartmouth Student (including off-term students) w ill receive a Green Key 2017 Concert Wristband in their Hinman box. We will notify you when wristbands are being delivered to your hinman boxes. Included in your wristband envelope will be a small map displaying access points for the concert grounds, and a how-to guide on wristband usage.

These wristbands grant you access to the May 19th concert on Gold Coast Lawn. They are comfortable, fabric, festival-style bands made to be worn when you s hower, dance, and generally “ Green Key ” throughout the week . Our advice is to open your Hinman box, take your wristband out of its envelope, and immediately put it on . It's awfully hard to lose something that is secured to your wrist.

Guests of Dartmouth Undergraduates will be allowed the same access to the concert as long as they have a wristband of their own. Every Dartmouth student can claim up to three (3) guest wristbands for anyone who is not a current Dartmouth undergraduate (Yes, this includes your friend who graduated last June as well as your friend from High School; they both need to be registered with us). This registration is as simple as walking up to our table in Collis lobby during the Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday prior to Green Key Friday, giving us their name, your name and phone number, and we will give you a guest wristband for them -- don’t lose these either.

There will not be replacement undergraduate wristbands available on the day prior to or day of the concert (5/18 & 5/19)
 - we will be focused on the details of the concert and our artists, not finding you a replacement wristband. We apologize for the tough love, but this is why we suggest you simply put your wristband on immediately , then you can completely forget it's even there.

While we know this is a change and requires a bit more work on your part (and certainly ours), with the annual growth of this concert, it has become a necessity. We are taking these security measures to improve safety and ensure the future of the Green Key Concert for all Dartmouth students.

Now for the exciting part and why you even opened this email: In one of the 4,310 envelopes, there is a golden ticket , redeemable for two VIP passes at the Green Key Concert. So let us ask you, are you feeling lucky punk?

Here’s to the best Green Key yet,
Jack Kirsch ‘17, Executive Director & Zachary Tannenbaum ‘17, Concert Director