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Da Jia Hao! Hello all! Well, welcome to our OrgSync page! Here you'll be able to find out about our future meetings, events, etc. This is your key to access to the club! If you'd like to join the Chinese Club, please feel welcome to attend our meetings! There, if you'd like, we will collect your information including your phone number/email so you can be in our email lists/text message groups for future events. You don't have to know how to speak mandarin to join the club, we welcome all students/adults who are interested in the Chinese culture/activities/food. Contact the President at this number if you need be (703) 822-1923 :D Hope to see you! Zai Jian. 

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This club is revolved around diversity, an appreciation for different aspects in culture, and the immense deliciousness of Chinese food. All are welcomed! You don't have to know how to speak Mandarin, or have any knowledge of the Chinese culture. In fact, that's what our club is for, to become aware of the Chinese culture and to learn! 我们欢迎你们! (We welcome you)!



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Primary Contact/ President

Sandra Ciappa

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Piotr Gibas