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Criteria for Consideration of Student Organization Registration as a Social Fraternity or Sorority

Criteria for Consideration of Student Organization Registration as a Social Fraternity or Sorority
Fraternity & Sorority Affairs
University of Kentucky

In accordance with the University of Kentucky’s Student Rights and Responsibilities, Part I, Article II, Line 46, the Dean of Students staff have developed the following criteria for initial and continued registration of a student organization under the category of social sororities and fraternities at the University of Kentucky. To gain and/or maintain status as a social fraternity or social sorority on the Lexington campus of the University of Kentucky, a student organization must complete the below-listed defining requirements.

1. The organization must complete all forms and submit all documentation for student organization registration as required by the Office of Student Involvement and as described in University of Kentucky Administrative Regulation 4:1 Registration of Student Organizations. The organization should observe all deadlines and requests; therefore, submitting all materials in a timely and complete manner.

2. The organization must have recognition as a colony or chapter in good standing of an inter/national social fraternity or sorority as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service under the provisions of Section 86.14 of the regulations promulgated under Title IX of the U.S. Education Act Amendments of 1972. The University of Kentucky will not register a local organization as a social sorority or fraternity. In order to be established or re-established as a University of Kentucky social fraternity or sorority, the inter/national organization, its staff and alumni/ae, and/or the student organization will submit for relevant materials in a format deemed appropriate by the Dean of Students which addresses the following items:  

  • inter/national support to the organization and its chapters in general,  
  • alumni/ae within the vicinity of Lexington,  
  • chapters located at college campuses in Kentucky and surrounding states,  
  • students, faculty, and/or staff interested in establishing/supporting the organization,  
  • relevant policies related to risk management (alcohol and drugs, hazing, sexual abuse and harassment, and fire, health and safety) scholarship, member education,
  • previous affiliation with the University of Kentucky (if applicable), and
  • other items as requested by the Dean of Students.

3. In support of the relationship with the colony or chapter, the inter/national fraternity/sorority should demonstrate to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs their ongoing communication and support to the group throughout their tenure at the University of Kentucky.

4. All chapter and colonies will respect the commitment to self-governance through active participation in the Fraternity and Sorority community. Each representative council will define the minimum requirements of a member organization to be considered in good standing within the council.

5. The appropriate organizational officers must maintain accurate records with and follow established University policies in order to maintain registration as a student organization. The records and policies of particular concern include:  

University Policies

  • University of Kentucky Student Rights and Responsibilities (Code of Student Conduct)
  • Administrative Regulation 4:1 "Registration of Student Organizations"  
  • Administrative Regulation 6:1 “Policy on Discrimination and Harassment”
  • Administrative Regulation 6:2 “Policy on Sexual Assault, Stalking, and Relationship Violence”
  • Administrative Regulation 6:4 “University of Kentucky Alcohol Policy”
  • Administrative Regulation 6:5 “Tobacco Policy”
  • Administrative Regulation 6:6 “Policy on Deadly Weapons”
  • Administrative Regulation 6:10 “University of Kentucky Hazing Prevention Policy”
  • Administrative Regulation 6:11 “Animals on Campus”
  • Administrative Regulation 9:1 "Regulations Governing Time, Place, and Manner of Meetings; Demonstrations, and Other Assemblies"  
  • Administrative Regulation 9:2 "Regulations Governing the Use of University Facilities by Registered Student Organizations;"  
  • Administrative Regulation 9:9 “Speakers from Off Campus”
  • Administrative Regulation 10:4 “Social Media Policies and Guidelines”
  • Business Procedures E-17-14 "Agency Cost Center Policies and Procedures;" 
  • Governing Regulation Part 1 Section G 4-5 (Solicitation of Funds and Campus Sales)
  • University of Kentucky Missing Student Notification Policy for Students Who Reside in On-campus Housing

Dean of Students Policies

  • University of Kentucky Dance Policy
  • Guidelines for Event Planning at the University of Kentucky

Fraternity and Sorority Affairs Policies

  • Academic Break Policy for On-Campus Fraternity/Sorority Houses
  • Crisis Management Guidelines
  • Probates and Presentation Policy

University of Kentucky Fire Marshal

  • Fire/Life Safety Policy

Student Center Policies

  • Student Center Reservation Guidelines
  • Memorial Hall Reservation Guidelines
  • Outdoor Reservation Guidelines
  • Campus Signage Policy
  • Tent Policy Form
  • Procedure for 5K Runs in the UK Campus
  • Student Tailgating Program

6. The chapter or colony must maintain open lines of communication with the staff of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs through accurate completion and timely submission of established reports. The delineation of established reports of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs includes:  

  • chapter achievement report,
  • chapter goals,
  • membership roster,  
  • officer information,  
  • new member information,  
  • academic information release,
  • membership recruitment time periods and events,  
  • summer/winter break officer information,  
  • financial information,  
  • semester chapter calendar,  
  • parking information (if applicable)
  • student organization re-registration, and  
  • agency account information/reauthorization form (if applicable).

The chapter or colony should submit and update these records as the need arises throughout the semester. Additionally any changes to inter/national policies must be submitted to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs. The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs staff will produce a schedule to reflect all due dates referenced in this criteria.

7. The chapter or colony must submit information about the following topics through their chapter achievement report in the format provided by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs

  • membership education (new member, current and alumni)  
  • scholarship,  
  • risk management, (alcohol and drugs, hazing, sexual abuse and harassment, and fire, health and safety)
  • community service hours,
  • philanthropic donations,
  • chapter goals,
  • chapter standards/judicial
  • inter/national relations
  • public relations
  • campus relations

8. Any organization entering into or currently in a group housing arrangement

  • must maintain an alcohol-free facility at all times,
  • must have their facilities reviewed by either the University Fire Marshal (on campus) or the city fire inspector (off campus) each semester.  The paperwork documenting the inspection must be turned in to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, and
  • must employ a University approved house director who resides within the chapter house, including weekends at any time the house is occupied if there are fifteen (15) or more residents.

9. For compliance with the above-defined policies, all social fraternities and sororities will receive the following privileges:  

  • single-sex status;  
  • mail box in the Fraternity and Sorority Affairs Office;  
  • educational and programming resources available through the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs;  
  • support of professional staff of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs;  
  • assistance with chapter recruitment efforts;  
  • assistance with chapter academics;  
  • statistical and informational reports relative to scholarship, finances, membership, and other operational areas;  
  • ability to lease property (when available) for group living experience;  
  • use of the delinquency system for housing fees (if applicable); and  
  • house director incentive payment to house corporation (if applicable).

10. The completion of all above-defined criteria does not guarantee approval of the registration of the student organization under the category of social sorority or fraternity.  The Dean of Students will consider all submitted materials and supporting documentation in his/her decision for granting registration privileges.  In the decision to grant registration privileges, the Dean of Students will consider the health of the existing fraternity/sorority community and the needs of the university.

11. If granted registration as a social fraternity or sorority, failure to comply with any of the above-defined policies will result in an evaluation meeting between the chapter president and the appropriate Fraternity and Sorority Affairs staff.  Resultant actions could include a probationary period to rectify the situation, alternate provisions to complete the guideline, or recommendation to the Dean of Students for removal of registration privileges for a definitive time period.  Listed actions do not include all possible sensations.  The final decision for non-compliance sanctions rest with the Dean of Students.