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IFC & Panhellenic Risk Reduction Guidelines

Risk Reduction Guide
Fraternity and Sorority Affairs
University of Kentucky

Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association of the University of Kentucky Greek Risk Reduction Guidelines

A. In planning and implementing social events, members of the University of Kentucky Greek community are bound by a number of laws, regulations and policies concerning alcohol and other risk-related issues. The Commonwealth of Kentucky, the University   and each international fraternity/sorority have implemented policies and programs that impact directly upon Greek-sponsored social events. The responsibility for compliance with these policies and the subsequent liability for negligence rest solely on each individual chapter.

B. In no event may council funds be used for the purchase of alcohol for individual chapter or council events.

C. Chapter events must be planned well in advance in order to ensure compliance with national risk management policies as well as related State laws and University guidelines. Chapters co-sponsoring an event must work together to ensure compliance with the strictest national policies of the sponsoring groups. The UK Greek governing councils (IFC, PC) have created and adopted the Greek Risk Reduction Guidelines in order to assist member chapters in the planning and implementation of safer events. Chapters must meet the following requirements for chapter-sponsored events that include the consumption of alcohol:

  1. At least seven class days prior to the date of the event, the following information must be submitted by creating the event on OrgSync and using the Event Planning Form and should include the following items uploaded into the planning form:
    1. A typed guest list that includes the names of all members of the sponsoring organization(s) and all non-members who have been invited to the event (if the event is closed);
    2. A copy of the invitation that is being sent to non-members on the guest list (if the event is closed);
  2. For failing to complete all necessary documentation within the proper time frame (7 days prior to the event) the following will occur for the responsible chapters: (on a academic year basis)
    1. First offense: the organization will receive a verbal warning from the corresponding council officer.
    2. Second offense: a $50 dollar fine will be issued to the organization for the first day that the documentation is late. An additional $25 dollar fine will be issued for each additional day the document is late.
    3. Third offense: a $100 dollar fine will be issued to organization for the first day that the documentation is late. An additional $25 dollar fine will be issued for each additional day the document is late. In addition to this, the responsible chapter will be referred to the respective council judicial board for any additional sanctioning.
  3. Philanthropy events and fundraising events cannot be considered as social events with alcohol.
  4. A written risk reduction plan which cites the National Risk Management Guidelines for all co-sponsoring organizations must accompany the event planning form.
  5. A risk reduction meeting must be held between the sponsoring chapters, an appropriate IFC, NPC and NPHC council officers and at least one (1) of the Assistant Deans of Students for Fraternity and Sorority Affairs before each chapter sponsored and co-sponsored event. This meeting must be requested by at least the Friday before the event and all of the above documentation must be submitted online before the meeting will be scheduled. A copy of the planning form with the chapter president(s) signature must be brought to the meeting.
  6. All Fraternity and Sorority chapter events which involve the use of alcohol must follow the Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, and National Panhellenic Council of the University of Kentucky Risk Reduction Guidelines and must be submitted to the Fraternity and Sorority Affairs Office via the Event Planning           Form. The events include, but are not limited to: Formals, date parties, Alumni Events, and Off-campus house parties.
  7. Properly planning an event through the Risk Reduction Guide does not preclude any organization from any University or Council judicial procedure if the conduct is in violation of the Code of Student Conduct. Any and all conduct that occurs at the planned event may be subject to University and/or Council investigation and sanctioning.

Revised: April, 2013