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Welcome to the Kutztown University Racquetball Club!

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The Kutztown University Racquetball Club brings together students who are interested in learning, playing or competing in the sport of racquetball. We offer activities for both beginners and the more experienced players. Whether you choose to just play for fun or represent Kutztown University in tournaments, this club offers something for everyone.


Recreational and Sports Clubs

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Meeting Frequency
  • No regular club meetings are held
President Name

Noah Moore

Treasurer Name

Stephen Reitz

Primary Contact Name

This should be the person within the organization that receives the majority of the notifications. It can be the president, but may be someone else in the group responsible for important communication

Noah Moore

Primary Contact Email
Membership GPA Requirement

Please list any additional Grade Point Average (GPA) requirements for MEMBERS of your oganization. The RSCC minimum is a 2.0 however some LEAGUES may require a higher rate.


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Primary Advisor's Name

Barbara Reitz

Primary Advisor's Title and Department

Purchasing Manager

Primary Advisor's Phone Number

(610) 683-4132

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Student Organization Status

Gold Status Organization