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Welcome to the UNSW Students of Advanced Maths and Science Society. Even if you're not a maths or science student, you're more than welcome here! Stay tuned for some mind-boggling chill events (liquid nitrogen ice-cream or trivia, anyone?!) and much more!

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SAMS is the constituent society for all students enrolled in either the Advanced Maths or Advanced Science degree programs. We aim to support our students through a variety of academic and careers based initiatives as well as provide the social side of the advanced maths and science degrees. We hold regular events and aim to help foster relationships between students as well as provide an opportunity for fun and relaxation to help balance out the stress of uni. Although our main aim is to support students of advanced maths and science, we welcome and cater for all students, regardless of degree plan. So come along to our events, meet some great people and enjoy the science awesomeness!!



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