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Brendan Hoey
May 1, 2017

In The Locker Room With ... Nicole Morley (Aerobic Gymnast)

May 1, 2017 by Brendan Hoey

“In the locker room with …”, will be a regular series of news articles that will showcase the amazing student athletes that we have amongst our student body here at Western Sydney University. It will allow you to get to know them a little better and give you some insight into the lives of these amazingly talented individuals. Starting with Nicole, we will try to feature a new student each week and ask for you all to get involved by submitting questions you would like to hear answered from the following week’s student athlete. All questions can be sent to Next week’s featured Student Athlete will be Montannah Murray (Marathon Kayaker)
Mini Bio’s can be found about all our Elite Student Athletes by visiting -

What sport do you compete in?
Aerobic Gymnastics

Who are you currently playing/competing for?
Gymnastics NSW

What course are you studying and when do you expect to graduate?
Bachelor of Science (Forensic Science) – 2018

What has been a highlight to you whilst being a student at Western Sydney University?
Being selected on the Western Sydney University Netball team for the University Games.

What is your dream job after sport?
I'm not sure what I want to do yet, but hopefully something that pays well!

How did you first get into your sport?
I began gymnastics when I was young because my mum wanted me to stop cartwheeling around the house and breaking things, even though this really just increased once I started. I then transferred into the aerobic gymnastics discipline when I started high school.

What other sports did you play as a kid?
I played any sport that was on offer but grew up playing netball, oz-tag and cricket.

If you had the talent to play any sport you wanted to what would it be?
I'd just want to be a lot more talented at gymnastics, or do professional zorbing.

Who is your sporting idol and why?
Angela McMillan (aerobic gymnast) and Sally Pearson. Both of these athletes have such an admirable level of passion and dedication to their respective sports. They are both able to realise what it is they want to achieve and do everything they possibly can to get there. I admire their perseverance through injury and hardship and am inspired by watching them perform on the world stage.

What is your major goal for the year?
I've had to take a less competitive approach to this year with my health and other changes, so my major goal is to improve my training style and refine my technique. I have also made it a goal to become more involved with the administrative and support side of the sport whilst I work to get to where I need to be as an athlete.

Have you had any amazing results so far this year?
The main competition season is yet to start, however I am chaperoning a team of young NSW athletes to a junior competition.

Do you have a secret talent or party trick?
My talent is finding strange objects or structures to handstand on.

Anyone you wish to give a shout out to that has made your time at Western Sydney University more enjoyable or easier?
Shout out to my best mate Teah Mazzelli for getting me through each day at uni. Also to Brendan Hoey, for always doing all he can to provide the support the university's athletes need, including myself.

Community Question 1 (submitted by A.Wasson)

How much time do you spending training a week?
During competition season, 12-14 hours a week

Community Question 2 (submitted by B.Hoey)
What is your standard go to breakfast?

Oats with milk and fresh dates also avocado, feta and tomato on wholegrain toast - when I'm on the go, Belvita breakfast biscuits or dry weet-bix

Don't forget, next weeks In The Locker Room chat will be with Montannah Murray (Marathon Kayaker).
If you have any questions you would like to ask Montannah, please submit them by emailing