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Sheridan Rynne
Jan 15, 2016

Western Sydney U Elite Athlete Tahlia Mckenzie captains NSW Indoor Hockey team to Victory

Jan 15, 2016 by Sheridan Rynne

Last weekend, Western Sydney U Elite Athlete Tahlia Mckenzie captained the NSW Indoor Hockey team to victory at the National Indoor Hockey Championships. We were fortunate enough to sit down with Tahlia after a 6-2 round game win against ACT.

That was such an intense game and tournament, what was it like being out there and captaining the NSW team?  

It was amazing being out there, everyone was super excited to be a part of the team and the intensity was at an all-time high. We have already had some great wins against some pretty amazing teams so everything is right on track to where we need it to be.

You has also represented NSW in outdoor hockey, what do you feel are the major differences between the sports?

We play on a much smaller court in indoor hockey, it is similar to the size of a basketball court. In indoor we only have 6 players where as in outdoor we have 11 players. The ball moves a lot faster when we play Indoor and it is played at a higher intensity.

You have just completed your first degree in Exercise Science at Western Sydney U, how do you manage your university studies with your sporting commitments?

It can be difficult to balance training, tournaments and university at times but I get a lot of support from the university to assist in doing this. If I am at a state tournament and it clashes with class they are able to help me move exams or extend assignment times to make sure I do my best out there and still have an equal chance to pass my subjects, which is really important to me.

What does 2016 hold in store for Tahlia Mckenzie?

I am about to start my second degree at Western Sydney University, I am going to be studying teaching which I am looking forward to. I plan on continuing to participate in University games as I have done in previous years. I also plan to continue playing hockey and compete in more State tournaments.

After sitting down to chat with us, Tahlia and the NSW team went on to win the Indoor National Championship beating ACT 5-0. Tahlia is just one of our many talented elite athletes at Western Sydney U. If you are an elite athlete and would like to be a part of the program, please apply HERE.

We are currently taking expressions of interest for Unigames events in 2016, join athletes like Tahlia and represent your University at sports events throughout the year by applying HERE