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Oct 26, 2015

Interview with Western Sydney University Elite Athlete: Paige Hadley

Oct 26, 2015 by CORINNE Blight

Western Sydney University, Business & Commerce (Advanced Business Leadership) student and Australian Netball Diamonds midcourter, Paige Hadley has recently come off a stellar International debut at the Netball World Cup in Sydney. She is continuing her international career, representing Australia again in the Constellation Cup series with the Australian Netball Diamonds team.

She recently gave us a few minutes of her time to talk all things netball, representing in the green & gold and university!

How does it feel to have been selected to represent Australian (again!), this time for the Constellation Cup?
It is the most amazing feeling being able to represent the green & gold and against our arch rivals is pretty special. I cannot wait for the series!

How has it been managing your studies at Western Sydney University with your soaring netball career? Has it been challenging?
 I have been a very very busy person, but to be honest I love being busy and having to be super organised! The University has helped me change exams and assignments to help with my netball commitments especially this year around World Cup & Constellation Cup. It has been a challenge, but I am an athlete and love a challenge!

Tell us a bit about training camp before a series like this. What’s it like?
 We have been training for 6 week in our home states (NSW) to ensure we are conditioned and well-trained to come into a series like this. We had a pre-series camp in Melbourne whereby our squad of 15 come together we have 2 sessions a day including gym, match play or skill sessions. Most of this is simulation for the test series.

How did it feel to play (and now play again for) the Australian Diamond’s team? Has it been a goal of yours for a long time?
It is a dream come true and has been a massive goal of mine for a long time. I just cherish every time I put on the Green and Gold because you never know how many tests you will get to play!

 And finally, when does the Constellation Cup start & conclude? Where are you playing?
The Constellation Cup starts on the 20th of October and ends on the 30th Of October in Perth! The four tests include: Christchurch, Auckland, Melbourne and Perth in 10 days.


Follow Paige's progress and find out more about sport at Western Sydney University on the Sport Facebook page!