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Hannah Bowyer
Jul 2, 2015

EUGS Reminders

Jul 2, 2015 by Hannah Bowyer

Hi Everyone!

With EUG's just 3 days away, here are some important reminders you should all consider before Sunday.

1. All Draws (Except Golf and Tennis) are now live and can be found on team app and the AUS Website.

2. Ensure that you pack your Student Card and Drivers licence/proof of age, as these will be vital for almost everything to do with Uni-Games.

3. Please bring a towel and a blanket/sleeping bag to Wagga Wagga. The accommodation does provide linen etc, however it is going to be cold and possibly wet so extras would be handy.

4. No one can check into any accommodation until after 2pm and once UWS Staff have had their briefings with accommodation management.

5. Anyone who needs to swap uniforms for better fitting sizes needs to see Brendan at the Borambola Sport and Rec Centre on Sunday any time after 3pm. We will also ensure that all the playing strips are good to go at this time.

6. Those students who couldn't make the team meetings over the past 2 days will need to have a quick meeting with security staff at the accommodation before receiving their uniform and pass.

7. The UWS Bus will be leaving Campbelltown Campus on Sunday (5th July) at 7:30am from the bus stops between Blds 30 & 2. If you are on the bus please ensure you are there on time and if running late make sure you call Brendan. There are a few seats left on the bus so if you need a ride please let Brendan know ASAP ( The bus will return to Campbelltown Campus on Friday (10th July) at approximately 5pm.

Go Team UWS!!