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Jun 26, 2015

UWS Elite Athlete Interview: James Grice- The World University Games

Jun 26, 2015 by CORINNE Blight

In a little less than a week one of our awesome UWS Elite Athletes, James Grice will be representing Australia at the World University Games (WUG's)  in the Trap Shooting event! The WUG's are considered one of the highest levels of competition for athletes behind the Olympic Games. Check out our interview with him!

When did you start Trap Shooting?

I started shooting when I was 12 years old. I was introduced to it by my Grandfather. 12 is the youngest you can be to receive an Under 18 shooting permit.

Training & study load? How do you manage it?

Training doesn’t actually take up that much time. I spend 4 hours at the shooting range 2-3 times per week. However managing can still be difficult. I’ve got to work really hard to try and fit everything in. I have to plan tutorials and lectures and cram them into usually 2 days!  I also work on the weekends and train and study during the week so there isn’t a lot of free time.

Tell us about your training!

I train at the moment over in Kemps Creek- this is where they shot the 2000 Olympics. My Coach is actually residing in Melbourne so I don’t see him much; he is more of a mentor. Coaching in the Sydney area is really hard to find.

So, the World University Games are less than a week away now! What are you most looking forward to?

Seeing the other sports there are! Often you forget there is another world outside of Trap Shooting. You get caught up in it and think there's nothing else beyond it. I’m also excited because this event is so prestigious, it’s ranked as 2nd to the Olympics and it’s really exciting to be a part of something so big!

How did you get selected to be a part of the Australian Team? What was the process involved?

I was selected in the Shooting Australia Aim for Gold Development Squad. This squad gives me opportunities to develop myself into an Olympic quality athlete.  Once selected in the squad, my coach and I went through competitions to participate in and we knew the World University Games would be an excellent one to be a part of and aim for!

Is this the highest level of sport played? 

I played in the Qatar Open last year in which was a pretty huge deal. I won Gold in the Under 21’s division!

How has the UWS Elite athlete program assisted you in achieving your World University Games Selection?

Lately the program has been very beneficial and given me access to support and assistance with my assessments and deadlines. I’ve had to defer a number of assignments due to being out competing in the lead up to the World University Games. The program has allowed my requests for deferred exams to be accepted and always support what I’m doing.

Tell us a bit about your studies.

At the moment, I'm studying a Bachelor of Policing at Kingswood campus. It's my 2nd Year. It's funny because I didn’t actually think I was going to make it to university. I have found it pretty simple to adjust to though and overall enjoyable.  Everyone is friendly and positive and willing to help, especially the tutors!

Okay, last question. Who are you top 3 role models?
First I would say my Grandfather. He was my main influencer, introducing me to Trap Shooting. Not to mention, he is always willing to drive me down to the range to practice. Second would be Michael Diamond. He is arguably Australia’s best shooter and I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time being mentored by him. I also work on the weekends with Suzy Balogh. She won Gold for Australia in 2004 in Trap Shooting so she would be another role model. I'm really lucky I'm surrounded with so many amazing shooters, role models and supporters.

Stay updated with James' World Univeristy Games results here:

Good Luck James, keep shooting for the stars!