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Yasmine Lewis
Oct 17, 2017

Vote Now for Your 2018 Representatives

Oct 17, 2017 by Yasmine Lewis

Elections are currently being held for Parramatta International Student Representative, Parramatta General Representative, NUS Delegates, Student Editors and Undergraduate Student on Board of Trustees .

All eligible students are encouraged to vote.

Voting closes on Friday, 20 October at 4.00pm. Check your student email for the voting link.

How do I vote?


If you are eligible to vote, you would have received an email (in your student email account) that includes a link to vote. Do not forward that email or share your personalised secure voting link with anyone else.
The Candidate statements are below.

Parramatta International Student Representative
Parramatta General Representative  
NUS Delegates
Student Editors
Undergraduate Student on Board of Trustees


Tony Black

Ya under the SRP model, which allows zero autonomy, silences student voice, gives control to Taff such as your self to run elections that should be totally independent of involvement feom anyone but students

Tony Black

Comon I didn’t come down in the last shower of rain Yasmine, the scc terms of reference is a university document that is not in the interest of any scc indact that is your role and others to ensure compliance.