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Student Representation & Participation



How does the SR&P model work?

The SR&P structure is a new model which replaced the former Students' Association or Student Union. The SR&P model is established under University policy and underlying procedures. For an overview, see the SRP model chart

What can Student Representatives help me with?

Contact your Student Representatives about anything which affects your quality of life at university -  everything from public transport, parking, teaching quality, student services, food on campus, uni fees, cost of living, bullying and childcare to clubs, societies and campus life. The Student Reps on your campus are there to take your concerns to the people who can help. Visit the SRC website or one of the offices below. SR&P also employs a Student Rights Advocate.

Student Representative Council (SRC) office locations

Campus Location
Bankstown 1.1.209 & 1.1.210
Campbelltown 4.G.10A
Hawkesbury K4.G.84
Liverpool City 3.1.16
Parramatta City 1.1.39
Parramatta South EF.G.12
Kingswood N.G.25



The following compulsory tasks must be completed in order access the SCC offices and fulfill your responsibilities as a member of a student campus council. This applies to all elected members.

Click on the 'FORMS' tab at the top of this page and please complete the Guidelines for Acceptable Use of Office Resources document and if in agreement click on the button at the end of the document, then complete all 4 Work Health and Safety Modules.

Portal Information


Student Representation aims to mobilise, represent and invigorate the student body. Student Representatives are from a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities and areas of study. SR&P provides strategic advice, financial oversight and facilitation of the student voice. SR&P staff do not hold positions on these councils – the councils are independent student bodies.

Student Representation & Participation (SR&P) staff support Student Representative structures within the University including:
Student Representative Council (SRC)
Student Editors of the Student Newspaper (W'SUP)
Student Collectives (Queer, Womens, Ethno-cultural, Disability, Environment and Indigenous Student Council)