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Precision Medicine is a new field of interest that offers great potential to improve biomedical research and healthcare by creating an integrated knowledge network. Its primary aims are to incorporate advancements in biology and medicine to: 1) Reclassify disease based on molecular mechanisms; 2) Develop novel therapeutic strategies; and 3) Support clinical decision-making; while maintaining a patient-centered focus.

As a leader in these areas, UCSF has taken the charge in promoting precision medicine to various stakeholders. Through the “Toward Precision Medicine: Building a Knowledge Network for Biomedical Research and a New Taxonomy of Disease” report, UCSF has established the foundation and framework for precision medicine, for the near future and beyond.

The UCSF community plays a pivotal role in advancing and supporting this blueprint. One of the Precision Medicine Student Alliance's primary goals is to introduce current UCSF students, from all schools and disciplines, to the potential benefits precision medicine presents. Through PMSA's professional, social, and academic events, students will learn about the principles of precision medicine, including its potential impact, its essential elements, and the current advancements being made in the field. Furthermore, PMSA members will have various opportunities to engage in meaningful dialog with thought-leaders in the field, and discuss potential solutions to obstacles the field is facing.

With these experiences, PMSA looks to prepare UCSF students to pioneer in research and healthcare for years to come.

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The Precision Medicine Student Alliance (PMSA) is an interdisciplinary organization committed to promoting awareness about precision medicine on campus. PMSA is devoted to supporting tools, practices, and research that helps healthcare providers precisely diagnose disease and personalize patients’ overall experience. Our professional, educational, and social events help our members stay up to date with key developments in the field, network with successful pioneers and entrepreneurs, and develop a unique perspective that will guide them through their future careers.


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