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Welcome Students Who Are Parents!!! 

Are you a student trying to juggle life, parenthood, school, and work? There is a support network here at UMSL just for you! Please join us to learn about the events and opportunities to help you succeed as Students Who Are Parents.

Join our organization to learn more ways and resources provided just for you. Meet and mingle with others who can understand being in your same shoes, and learn how you can share your college experience with your children through UMSL events for families. If your schedule doesn’t permit you to attend the entire time, we encourage you to stop by briefly to grab the information or check your UMSL email account or Tritonsync SWAP page for future events and resources just for Students Who Are Parents.

Portal Information


SWAP stands for Students Who Are Parents, an initiative that looks to support students who have children.

UMSL is committed to supporting parenting student populations. As part of that effort, this initiative was created to connect parenting students with services available on the UMSL campus, the surrounding community as well as develop targeted programs to meet this populations’ needs. We also want to highlight the experiences of all parenting students—undergraduate, graduate, single, partnered, etc. We understand that all students have unique experiences and offer this group as a place to share and connect with other parenting students. UMSL has many inspiring parenting students and hearing their stories is important to the development of support programs and other initiatives designed to create a more cohesive and supportive community for students with children.

In an effort to better serve Students Who Are Parents on campus, we invite you to the following events to help you SUCCEED AS A STUDENT!


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All student organizations must submit a copy of their constitution and bylaws prior to receiving recognition from the university. Any time a change or revision is made to the constitution or bylaws, a new copy must be submitted.