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Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Kinesiology Club

Monthly Meetings: Mondays @ 7:00pm in McPhee Room 162

Meeting Dates: 

Sept. 17th

Oct. 15th

Nov. 12h

Dec. 10th

*All other activities will be posted on the Facebook page


Portal Information


The goal of Kins Club is to provide Kinesiology students with opportunities to:

Kinesiology club is a great way to explore career paths, meet other students within the major, network with professors and professionals, get involved in the community, and stay current with what is happening in the field.


Campus Department

President Name:

*MUST be a currently enrolled UWEC student.
*Please include first and last name.

Katrina Schultz

President E-mail address:

*MUST be a currently enrolled UWEC student.

Co-President Name (if there is one)


Treasurer/Financial Contact Name

*Must be different contact than all other contacts or advisor.
*Must be a currently enrolled UWEC student.
*Please include first and last name.

Samantha Casper

Treasurer/Financial Contact E-mail address:

*Must be a currently enrolled UWEC student.

Primary Adviser Name:

*Must be a CURRENT UWEC Faculty/Staff member.
*Please include first and last name.

Jeffrey Janot

Primary Adviser E-mail address:

*Please use UWEC e-mail address only

Upload your 2018-19 student organization constitution here - please be sure it adheres to the current 2018-19 constitution guidelines:

DON'T WANT TO CREATE YOUR OWN CONSTITUTION? ALTERNATIVE CONSTITUTION FORM OPTION AVAILABLE - Click on the following link: and simply fill out the form & hit submit! (You can then save it & upload it here within your renewal information.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Campus Affairs Commission of the Student Senate will be reviewing all constitutions to ensure compliance with the 2018-19 guidelines - to view the current guidelines please visit: OR view them within the Files module of your BluSync portal.

Your renewal submission will remain in "deferred status" until your constitution has been approved. *Please Note: This WILL take some time during the fall annual renewal process - your patience is appreciated.

Organization E-mail Address:
Meeting Day, Time, & Location:

7:00 PM, McPhee 162, Tuesdays