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Organization Overview

KIRA is an organization that fosters the professional growth of students interested in the academic study of Diplomacy and International Relations. Being a member of KIRA will increase the value and enjoyment of your academic degree here at KU. KIRA will serve as an open forum for discussion on current global issues while promoting the values of Kutztown University as an academic center of excellence in IR. We organize debates, speaker series, conferences, and panels compromised of professors, scholars, diplomats, journalists, authors, and experts. Through our programs, we facilitate the development of students outside of the classroom, helping them put their skills and knowledge from their classes to real world use. We will host round table discussions to further our understanding in international relations and promote the professional development of students interested in careers/internships in international relations.

Category Academic Departmental
Keywords International Relations International Studies Foreign Policy Diplomacy
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Tuesdays at 11AM

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Scott Davis

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Musfrah Rana

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Scott Davis

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Petritsa Chatzitziva

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