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Organization Overview

We are a coalition of environmental activists (or the environmentally concerned, if the word "activist" is scary) who want to improve how Grinnell uses resources and relate to the environment. The Coalition is made up of both organizations and individuals--because of this, we have a pretty broad focus, including environmental education and social justice on top of conservation, restoration, and sustainability. We meet twice a semester and send out a weekly digest called "Environmental Action at Grinnell."

Category Service Focused Student Group- Environment
Keywords environment, eco, sustainability, green, waste, water, pollution, food, energy, solar, action, activism, technology, social justice, community, local
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Carissa Shoemaker

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Stephanie Porter

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Off campus community service goal for the year.

In light of Grinnell College's commitment to civic responsibility we strongly encourage each campus organization to think about committing to at least one OFF CAMPUS service activity during the school year. If service isn't the group's primary focus, think about what members might be able to offer the larger community of Grinnell. Make it fun. Be creative. Think about responding to needs you've already heard about or find something new. For ideas and/or help please contact Susan Sanning, Assistant Director of Service Learning & Engagement, at sannings@grinnell... or the SGA Student Services Representative at

The Coalition is all about service--it was started as a way to bring students and campus groups concerned with the environment together so that we can act more efficiently and deliberately, which we see as a vital service to the campus. Because we're more of a network than an acting group, our main goal is to bring together people who have the same goals so as to facilitate real action.

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