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Caroline Humphrey
Jan 18, 2017

LACE Fellow Feature: Will Zhang

Jan 18, 2017 by Caroline Humphrey

Follow the journey of our Leadership and Community Engagement (LACE) Fellows in weekly blog posts throughout the year! Here they will share their experiences and the work they complete at main service sites. These main sites are non-profits in the Providence community where Fellows have chosen to complete 150 hours of service.

Will Zhang: AS220

I’m Will Zhang, a sophomore in Industrial Design, and I’m the Community Liaison (CL) for AS220, as well as a Leadership and Community Engagement (LACE) Fellow.

AS220 is an artist-run non-profit organization that provides an unjuried space in which artists can live, work, or exhibit and perform. I had chosen AS220 because I am interested in creative education and reform through art and design. I’ve been helping out in the main office, planning and executing partnership events, advertising job positions to RISD talents, finding volunteers, and exploring the different branches of the vast organization - specifically the Industries and Youth. AS220 Industries is a community workspace offering resources for affordable, project-based learning in digital fabrication, printmaking, and media arts. AS220 Youth is a creative incubator for at/beyond-risk youth and offers courses and mentoring to prepare them for secondary education, vocational training, or employment.

I’m beginning to transition my position into Youth, and I aim to introduce design thinking methodologies to the youth’s creative processes – with resources from Industries. I will be sitting in on courses and communicating with mentors and instructors in the branch, and hope to become a mentor by second semester. I believe that my involvement in Design for America, Global Initiative, and entrepreneurship will become a mutualistic relationship in which experiences from both community service and campus organizations will benefit both sides. In addition, I hope to apply what I will learn from my service in Youth and Industries to improve my design processes and have more meaningful concepts for projects to come.